We are now allowing the free posting of obituaries on our site. Due to Covid19 and its effects, families may post a full obituary of their loved one. Unlike newspapers that charge based on the number of words, you can tell the full story of your loved one. This is for any loss, not just Covid19. We hope this in some way helps with the grieving process. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Obits by Zip (OBZ) is the premier on-line provider of obituaries and death notices. Always free to view and easy to access, OBZ is the source of choice by families and friends who are looking for a more permanent alternative to traditional newspaper obituaries.

Since we have become a more mobile society, chances are greater that we will all have contacts, friends and family scattered all over the country. OBZ sends daily emails to free subscribers in all locations throughout the country (and the world for that matter) with a link to the life story of individuals who have had some connection to a particular town or community at some point during their life. This allows an obituary to be circulated among subscribers in all of the locations that the survivors designate for it to be distributed, allowing so many more to be able to share in the celebration of the life of their friend, family member or loved-one.

Sharing the news, informing the loved ones with words, pictures and video for many generations to follow, Obits by Zip is dedicated to offering compassion for the family and friends, and the utmost respect for the deceased.


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