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What does it mean to be an Obits by Zip funeral home partner?

You will have access to the newest, most effective on line obituary concept in the business.

Your clients will have the opportunity to write the life-story of their deceased loved one without limits on the length or the accompanying media (pictures and video).

OBZ is growing a national network of consumer subscribers to the service, which makes your client’s obituary permanent and portable. The digital format makes for a more permanent announcement allowing it to be viewed for generations, and links to the story make it very portable- to friends and family all over the world.

How will Obits by Zip help your business?

By adding an alternative to the newspaper obit to your portfolio of services, you are better serving your client families.

With more exposure to those living remote from the deceased, and more interested people reading and sharing the news, they will want to respond with notes of sympathy through the guestbook. These will all be linked back to your funeral home site to be shared with the family by the funeral home.

The OBZ site will always be about serving the needs of the client. There will not be any advertising on the site, so as not to distract from our primary purpose. We will regularly include content/articles that will hopefully serve to educate visitors to the many options offered by funeral homes to better serve family’s needs.

Our site will also be continually optimized, so that any search for terms related to obituaries will deliver Obits by as a top search result. We anticipate that OBZ will help increase traffic to our partner funeral home’s websites, as will be both promote and link to each partner site.

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