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FAQ’S- Frequently Asked Questions

What does Obits by Zip mean?

It means that anyone can access the site and search for an obituary by the zip code where the deceased was living, or by the name of the deceased. The OBZ founder started this site because his local newspaper site demanded that he subscribe before being able to access the local obituaries. As a result, OBZ became a worldwide site with free access to anyone who is interested.

What is the difference between OBZ and other on-line obituaries?

OBZ is free, and has subscribers across the country that can receive daily emails with links to obituaries in multiple locations. The listings are not limited by length or media, and will be available for future generations to access.

Am I limited to just the obituaries from my town or state?

No, visitors to the site can access the entire database of obituaries, and subscribers can designate that listings from multiple locations be sent to them.

What is the difference between OBZ and newspaper obituaries?

Newspaper obituaries typically run for one or two days. Most newspapers charge by the line, and also have an upcharge for a picture. If visitors to their sites wish to view a listing from the past, they also have to pay a fee.

OBZ charges one low fee for an obituary regardless of the length. Pictures or video can be included at no additional charge. They remain on the OBZ site and can be viewed at any time for no charge.

What is the difference between OBZ and the funeral home site?

OBZ exists to compliment the funeral home sites. All notes of sympathy and guest book signees are directed back to the funeral home sites. The enhancements that OBZ offers are: we are search-engine optimized. When someone anywhere in the world searches for obituaries they will find Obits by Zip close to the top of the results. That allows the searcher access to the obituary without having knowledge of the name of the funeral home. In addition, OBZ is growing subscribers nationwide. Emails are sent to the subscribers each day with links to obituaries in the areas that the subscriber is interested in.