Receive Obituaries


Obits by Zip offers a more effective way to tell the life story of a deceased loved one. We take very serious the last public testament of a life lived. Current methods of recording and keeping obituaries are temporary. It is also difficult to search for the obituary for someone if you do not know the name of the funeral home handling the service. OBZ makes it easy to search for an individual obituary, and offers a more permanent alternative for families and friends who wish to revisit those you have gone before them- for generations to come.

The founder of Obits by Zip, Mark Booth, had no prior business interest in funerals or obituaries. His only experience was personal. This site was born from a sincere desire to offer free access to information about the death and funeral arrangements for those who care most, but who may live remote from the deceased or have no access to the printed obituary.

Obits by Zip offers families and funeral facilities a more permanent domain for each obituary, while maintaining the dignity and reverence each deserves.